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Written Testimonials

Leah Jones

I could not have been happier with the restorative work Dr. Majid and his team did to replace my old bonding and fillings with new crowns for all my top teeth. I have not stopped smiling since, and my confidence radiated at my wedding this year. I had years of poor care and patchwork dental procedures that only covered up deeper problems, and a big change was necessary for my tooth health. Dr. Majid is thorough and kind and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone! 


Jenny Harkins

"Dr. Majid has been my dentist since 1975 and now my grandchildren are his patients. There isn't another dentist in Central Pennsylvania who cares more about his patients than Dr. Majid. he has helped keep my teeth healthy and looking good for many, many years. I smile because of Dr. Majid !!!"


Curtis W. Thompson

"Dr. Aziz Majid is an exceptional and gifted dentist who tempers his skills with the delicateness, and experience of a true professional. To ensure a high quality of service in Dr. Majid's office, he is surrounded by talented office support, associates, and specialist that are true reflection of a successful dentist. It is without a doubt that I am a very satisfied patient. Although Dr. Majid is my dentist, I also consider him my friend and brother."


Michael and Gayle Koblish

"As patients my wife and I appreciate that an appointment with Dr. Majid's office is handled so professionally and without delay. He and his staff are pleasant, and gentle in the performance of any dental procedure we have had with excellent results.

We highly recommend Dr. A. Majid and his staff for any of your dental concerns."

Joseph & Cheryl Weathers


Joseph & Cheryl Weathers

"We have been patients of Dr. Aziz Majid for close to 20 years. Dr. Majid and his staff have always provided us exceptional dental hygiene and dental maintenance in a friendly and professional manner. Dr. Majid understands that some dental procedures can be invasive, uncomfortable, and painful; however, his techniques and expertise help to put his patients more at ease. Big Thanks to dr. Majid and his entire staff !!!!"


James & Dorthy Bond

" Dr. Aziz A. Majid has been my dentist for over 25 years. He is the best in the dental business. He takes care of my whole family, we're very pleased."


Dr. Mike Lee

" I am Dr. Majid's patient for more than 30 years. Dr. Majid is an excellent doctor. He has been treating and taking care of my teeth very well. I am very satisfied with his service. I highly recommend him to you."


Steve Cirillo

" I am writing to you to assert the abilities, professionalism, and courtesy that you and your staff showed and performed in the course of rendering me my prosthetic denture. It was a unique and comfortable experience and I sincerely appreciate your concern and care in providing your services. I also will convey to Dr. Patel my gratitude for recommending such a competent prosthetist and cordial staff."

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Paul Strizzi

"I have received professional, quality care from Dr. Majid for over 25 Years. He and the staff are very patient oriented and will strive to make sure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your dental needs."


Nancy J. Martz

" For years my teeth were crooked and uneven, resulting in a bad bite which caused many cavites, painful sore gums and abscessed teeth. Since Dr. Majid installed my crowns and corrected my bite, I have been pain free, with firm, healthy gums and an attractive smile as well. "


Reza. G. Azizkhan Sr. MD., FACS

" My wife and I have been patients for over 30 years. We have been privileged to be the fortunate recipients of your expert dental care all this time. We have found you always caring and helpful. Your work has always been superb. We highly recommend you to anyone who might need your services."


Cindy Berger

"Dr. Majid has been my dentist for about 35 years. He has taken excellent care of me, concerned about my teeth and what is best for them. He is gentel man and available if there is an emergency. He has greatly improved the appreance of my teeth for which I am very thankful."


Carol Gainer

"The dntures he made for me are the best I have ever had. His crowns are perfect and last forever. He literally gave me back my smile. He truly is the best!"


Russ Strine

" I started as a patient with Dr. Majid in 1976 and had to have lots of filling work done. Today, 30 years later those fillings are still great although I 've recently begun replacing many of the larger one's with Empress Porcelain crowns.

As someone with a sensitive mouth I never think twice about letting Dr. Majid do what he thinks is necessary and I can attest without a doubt that he is the kindest and most gentle dentist I could ever ask for. Thanks Dr. Majid !"


Gloria Cohen

" Dr. Majid has helped me considerably, including overcoming the fear of needles. He is the ONLY dentist that is allowed in my mouth. He will make every effort to save your teeth.

If you care about your teeth, I recommend you see Dr. Majid for all your dental work."


Cheryl Arndt

" When I first went to Dr. Majid, I hated going to the dentist because of experiences I had with previous dentists. Dr. Majid and his staff were so understanding and considerate that I no longer am afraid (even when I have to have crown work done! )."


Megan Kopp

"Dr. Majid has been my dentist since I had teeth! Now my husband is also a patient. Dr. Majid and his staff truly care about the health of our teeth. Luckily, neither of us have had much major work. I credit that to Dr. Majid's care of our teeth as well as the knowledge he has given us to care for our dental hygiene."


Nathaniel Hasan

"For more than ten years, my family has found Dr. Majid to be an excellent dentist with a genuine concern for his patients.

It has been my pleasure to recommend this office, when I'm approached about a good dentist."


Peggi S Edmonds

"Dr. Aziz A Majid, has been attending to my dental needs for more than 30 years.  He was recommended to me by a close friend and I can honestly say I have never been unhappy or dissatisfied with his work.  I have undergone quite a lot with him in all this time and I have also recommended several other patients to him.  I consider him a friend as well as my dentist. "



"My family is completely satistied with the care and quality of work we have had done throughout the years. We highly recommend Dr. Majid and his staff."


Pat & Gene Schubauer

" My husband and I have bben patients of Dr. Majid for over 33 years. Both he and his staff are very warm, caring and professional. We would recommend Dr. Majid for dental seyvices."


Mary Morash

“Dr. Majid has been the dentist for my whole family and most of my  friends for at least 25 years.  He should get a medal for that alone! The first time I went to him for dental services, I told him I did not like pain and he said, “Do not worry about that.” and he was right. No Pain.

One year I was on vacation and chipped a tooth, but rather than go to a dentist there, I waited 2 days to get back home to Dr. Majid. I called and he told me to come right over, even though I did not have an appointment!  I have never been anything but 100% satisfied with his work and have never heard anything negative from my family or friends. 

Dr. Majid is the best – East or West!!!!!!!"


Irv Marriott

"My name is Irv Marriott and im from the Linglestown area of Harrisburg Pa I would like to thank  Dr.Majid and his staff. I have been going to Dr. Majid since the early days when Dr, Majid's career as a professional Dentist started in Central Pa. Dr. Majid has always been very professional about his work. His care for me my wife and family .have always been in the highest standards of the dental business. Thanks to Dr. Majid my teeth and my wife and kids are still in great condition. I'm just recently retired and I thank Dr. Majid very much,any questions about his service ,please contact me or my wife at 717-541-9348

thank you Irv Marriott"


Mick Cochran

"Dr. Majid: My dentist for life (30+ years) and my friend. many times h's been helpful with health concerns beyond just dentistry."


Gloria Wright

"I enjoy the professionalism and pleasant atmosphere that Dr. Majid and his office staff present. My son is in his first year of college and he has always felt comfortable being a patient of Dr. Majid"


Jim Breiner

"Dr.Majid and staff have taken great care of my teeth for some 15 years. I have had the same excellent treatment every time I visit the office, from Dental Hygiene to Tooth Maintenance. No one like to go to the dentist but Dr. Majid expertise and friendly personality removes those fears and calm the nerves. I highly recommend Dr. Majid and his staff for all your dental needs."


Herb Cronin

"I've moved around a lot and been to a lot of dentist's.  Dr. Majid's work is simply the best.  A true craftsman of the highest order.  Great armchair manner and gives a shot that you barely notice. "   


Valecia W. Pierce

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid for 5 years.  I am very pleased with the service and care I’ve received from Dr. Majid and his staff (preventative maintenance and crowns)."


Jessica E Smith

"Dr. Aziz A. Majid and his staff are truly amazing. Everyone remembers who you are and welcomes you as if you were a friend and not a patient. the treatment is very good weather you are getting your teeth cleaned, getting a crown put in or scheduling your next appointment. Everyone is very courteous and I highly recommend them."


Ronald D. Butler

"I am attorney in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have known Dr. Aziz Majid professionally and personally for almost 30 years. Based on my personal experience, Dr. Majid is talented dentist, caring husband and father, good friend and upstanding citizen. I would recommend him to anyone looking for quality dental care."

Bill Snyder

Bill Snyder

"Thank you my smile in time for my

         friend's birthday"

Catherine Lyons

"Dr. Majid is the best dentist I have ever met. He truly cares about his patients. I have three implants in my lower jaw. I have just received my second set of dentures. Any time I have a sore spot they see me right away. Dr. Majid is the greatest!


Stephen & Eliane Hart

"You are very dependable and you do good work."


Theodora Ressetar

"In 1978 our son, who was in college over 100 miles from home, was criminally assulted and his four front teeth were knocked out. A friend of ours recommended that we see Dr. Majid who treated our son immediately. The care given to him was outstanding that our whole family became his patients. We have bben pleased with our care ever since."


Daniel Ressetar

" How many doctors would leave a medical/dental seminar in town at a hotel to take care of just re-cementing a loosened crown/cap in an hours notice? I didn't consider the event to be an emergency, but Dr. Majid did."


Harry F. Hallman III

"I have been going to Dr Majid for several years now and I am very pleased with the service there. The staff is always friendly and courteous. Procedures done by Dr. Majid have always been done with a minimum of discomfort. I highly recommend Dr Majid for you dental needs."


Barb and Ray Simoncelli

"It seems like a short time ago, but I'll have to be truthful and say it was more like 25 years ago that Dr. Majid's mentor asked  my husband and I if we would like to be patients of his new young partner.  Which, by the way, is still a young man!   He keeps physically fit and is always on the ball.  Besides being so very gentle and considerate of your comfort, his dentistry and equipment are very up-to-date.  We're not afraid of OUR dentist!  I have recommended him to my friends and have had acquaintances ask me who did my dental work.  He is the BEST and we love him."          


Rose Fields

"For over twenty years my husband, Jim and I have been patients of Dr. Majid. We recommend Dr. Majid and his staff for the personable and excellent professional service they have always provided."


John Orlousky

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid's for 30 years. In that time he has done an exceptional job seeing to my dental health. From cleanings to bridge work I have always been satisfied. His staff is always courteous and thorough."


Michael Kelly

"As a patient of Dr. Majid dor a number of years, he has always demonstrated his concern that I have and maintain healty teeth."


Jean Smith

"Dr. Majid has been my dentist for twenty-six years. His professional excellence has provided me with sound and healthy teeth. Also, the competent and friendly stoffice staff is an extra plus."


James M. Douglas

"I have been a patient of Dr. Aziz Majid for 35 years.  Through his professional knowledge, expertise, and guidance, I continue to maintain healthy teeth that hopefully will last me the rest of my life.  It is a definite truism that throughout life we make many choices, some smart, others not so smart.  Choosing Dr. Majid as my dentist many years ago was one of my smartest.  I consider him not only my dentist, but also a friend."


Cynthia C. Bellamy

"Thank you for the great work you do.  You are truly one of the best Dentistry has to offer.  Please keep up the good work"


Estelle & Fred Stern

"Dr. Majid has proven to be an excellent dentist and a very fine person. We are proud to recommend him highly."


Michael Wright

"I, Michael Wright have been going to Dr. Majid for years now and he has given the best care that a dentist can give. I am always satisfied when I leave his office. I wouldn't go to anyone else."


Steven W. McConnell

"I have been with Dr Majid and his staff for more years than I can remember. Dr Majids professionalism in his field, is second to none.  I've had extensive work performed on my teeth and I am very pleased with the outcome. The staff has always been cordial and make you feel like part of a big family !!   Nearing 60, and still smiling!!"


George H. Love

"Having recently been referred to Dr. Aziz Majid by my dentist of many years, I was undecided about having a bridge or implant for a broken tooth.  Dr. Aziz explained the procedures, and I chose to have the bridge.  He recommended a dentist to remove the tooth, and this was done.  After the gum healed, Dr. Majid took an impression and fitted me with a temporary tooth and bridge replacement.  A couple of weeks later, Dr. Majid installed my new tooth and bridge.  He and all of his assistants were very professional, and I appreciate their services and referrals."



"Dentures- expertise insured a good fit; compassion made the adjustment easier."


John and Margaret Herigan

" My wife and I have used the services of Dr. Majid and staff for the last 25 years. I have a high-gag reflex which made my dental visits very difficult. Dr. majid has been very patient with me and worked around my problem. I no longer fear my dental visits. My wife and I feel Dr. Majid and staff continue to go above and beyond our expectations."


Edward and Constance Hughes

"For more than (20) years, Dr. Aziz A Majid has provided full professional dental services for myself, my wife and our two daughters. His dental work has been nothing but outstanding and I will gladly recommend his services to anyone without the least hesitation."


Michael E.Donaldson

"Dr. Majid has been my families dentist of choice for over 20 years and during

this time  he has provided excellent and caring service to myself, my children,

and grandchildren.  Thanks  Doc"


Arnold Gibbs, Pamela Gibbs, Helen Gibbs, Thomas White

"As a family we couldn’t be more pleased about the treatment under the care of Dr. Aziz Majid D.M.D.; M.S.D.PC. In this fast passed society, in which we live, it’s always a pleasure to go into his office and be taken at your actual appointment time. You’re always greeted with a warm courteous welcome and extreme professionalism. Whether it’s specialized dentistry or general maintenance, you’ll be pleased with Dr. Majid. The doctor’s work is excellent and we feel fortunate to have him as our dentist."


Carista, Jasmine & Emmanuel Wilson

“My kids are 13 & 11 now, and have never known any dentist other than Dr. Majid. They are fortunate, because their only dental experiences have been of a kind, gentle dentist, with a friendly, very competent and professional staff. Dr. Majid has, more than once, has treated our family, after hours, in emergencies. Such dedication, coupled with such expertise and sensitivity… is priceless. Thank you all for your service.”


Uros Davidovic

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid's for nearly 10 years and I find him to be highly pleasant and professional. I always felt I was receiving sufficient information to make an informed decision on the care of my teeth. My teeth have never been healthier and I can thank Dr. Majid and his care and advice for this!"


Tony & Belinda Roselli

Amy, Tony 2 & Damiana Harkins (Grandaughter)

"36 years, 3 generations.

Caring and Professional Care given everytime.

THANK YOU Dr.Majid and Staff for a job well done."


Darlene Zelazny

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid for over 30 years. I have always received the best dental treatment and care. I have referred many other patients to Dr. Majid over the years. Dr. Majid and his staff are very caring, professional and friendly."


Dotty & Steve Sellers

"We would like to commend Dr. Majid and his professional staff for their many

years of service and dedication to the community in providing such fine dental care.  They are respectful of patients' time and handle appointments promptly and courteously no matter what procedure you are having done.  We were pleased to recommend Dr. Majid to a family member who has been a long-time patient also, and we hope the practice continues to serve with distinction well into the future."


Jan Yupcavage

"I am very proud to say that for the past 19 years I have been a dental patient of Dr. Majid. He and his staff have always acted in an utmost professional manner, always courteous with the unique ability to add confidence and comfort. I look forward to many more years of excellent dental care from Dr. Majid and his associates."


George G. Baltimore

"I want to thank you for a wonderful set of dentutes that I am very happy with. The fit is very comfortable and I haven't had any problems at all."


Glenda Bostorf

" All smiles, most thankful and appreciative to you and your fine staff.

Because of the excellent professional dental care I received from Dr. Aziz Majid and staff I now have the most comfortable perfect fitting dentures. I am pleased with all dental procedures performed at Dr. Aziz Majid dental Associates and I very highly recomend Dr. Aziz Majid to anyone."


Beverly Owens

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid's for 26 years. Dr. Majid was recommended to me by a friend and what a wonderful service she did for me. He told me once that I would never have to worry about pain and I never have. I have recommended Dr. Majid in the past and will continue to do so in the future. What kind, patient, wonderful and painless dentist. Thank you Dr. Majid."



" Dr. Majid made me the best set of dentures I have ever had and now I can smile again."


Sean Clancy

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid for over 15 Years, thanks to my parents, and now my children will be going as well. Dr. Majid is a wonderful dentist and a professional as well. I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Majid and his staff provided me over the years, I have been to other dentists in my life and he is by far the best at what he does. I thank you, and look foward to many more years with being your patent."


Greg & Stella Spells

"Dr. Majid and his staff have provided dental services for over thirty years for my family; the grand kids even love him. We're all totally satisfied with services he provided and recommended. His dental knowledge, gentleness, care, concerns, patients and understanding places him above the rest. The sign in his office"You have gone to the rest, now come to the best" tells it all. Thank you again you and your staff for your continued outstanding services."


Robert Kayer

"I know it is a bit unusual to write a testimonial to your dentist, but because of Dr. Majid, I avoided both months of inconvenience and substantial cost.  I had been informed by another dentist that I was a poor candidate for dentures and that I should seriously consider implants.  Fortunately, before doing so, I made an appointment with Dr. Majid. It is now more than three years since he made my dentures.  Since then, I am back to enjoying corn on the cob and barbequed ribs… and …I am frequently told, I ‘look better than ever’.    Thank you Dr. Majid.."


Susan & Bill Campbell

"Having had some bad experiences when I was young I was very fearful of any dentist!  Over the years, Dr. Majid has taken away my fear with his gentle care.  My husband and I have been patients for at least 25 years.  He and his staff are very professional and friendly!"


Nathan Silcox

"For over 10 years now I have been coming to Dr. Majid's office.  He and his staff have always been professional, friendly, and attentive to my needs.  I appreciate the comprehensive dental services that they provide and would highly recommend Dr. Majid to anyone."


Richard H.Jeffries, DO, Internal Medicine

" Dr. Majid has been the dentist for me and much of my family for years. I have referred many of my medical patients and friends to him as well, and I am most appreciative of his ability and professionalism."


Michael L.Doyle

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid for over thirty years, and I would highly recommend Dr. Majid and his staff for all of your dental needs. His ability to work with those that are very young, and those of us who aren't  so young has to be commended. Dr. Majid and his staff have been very professional, and exceptional when it comes to patent care and follow-up.

As a senior, and someone who still does not look forward to going to the dentist, without any hesitation or questions, I would recommend Dr. Majid for all your dental needs."


Gus Kokos

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid's for 30 years. Dr. Majid and his entire staff have taken care of all of my dental needs with care, understanding and a commitment to excellence. I feel very comfortable knowing I am receiving the best available dental care from a professional dentist and his dedicated staff. I would strongly recommend Dr. Majid's practice to anyone looking for a highly qualified dentist."


Warren Kern

"Dr. Majid has cared for my teeth since 1977 and has done an excellent job. The olny teeth I lost were prior to engaging him as my dentist."


Brian Napper

" I'm a long time patient of

Dr.Majids. I only wish when I was younger there would have been someone like him around when I was younger. He and his staff are very kind,courteous and concerned when it comes to oral hygiene.some of the problems I had early on,I would not have had if I had someone like Him & his staff (bad experience when younger) my kids think he's the greatest.I recommend him to



Brent Weisser

"Moving to Harrisburg 32 years ago and  finding a good dentist was painless, as I just so happened to pick Dr Majid.  When he moved to his current office I decided to leave the group of dentists he was with and stay with him. Dr Majid and his staff have always given me the best dental care possible. I  made the correct decision back then and I would only go to Dr Majid for my dental care. I recommend him to everyone who is looking for a very good dentist."


Syngred D. Briddell

Syngred D. Briddell

"I have been a patient of Dr. Majid for as long as I can remember. I am one member, of a family spanning over four generations, who have trusted Dr. Majid to care for one of our most prize possessions....our smile. Through cavities, several incidents of breaking my two front teeth and even when I had a dental emergency while vacationing in another state, Dr. Majid truly took care of me. I laugh a lot and I smile a lot. Thanks to Dr. Majid's excellent dentistry, I do both with confidence that people will be looking at teeth that are nothing less than brilliant!





The DeJesus Family

"Dr Majid and staff is the greatest!  I, Karla was about to loose all my natural teeth and because of your commitment to the science of dentistry, it did not happen!  Another dentist who said he could not save them and could not do any more for me sent me to you and am I glad he did!  I believe it is now about 5 years later and Jose, Nina and I are all happy campers.  Your professionalism from the first point of contact, Cindy to each dental hygenist to you, meets and exceeds our expectations of service.  Your preventive maintenance, cappings, and bridgework have excelled our previous dental experiences and we have and will continue to recommend others to you!  And for the first time in our family history, we all look forward to our appointments!

Thank you very much for the privilege to be your patients! "


Bob Green

"Aziz Majid has been my dentist for better than 30 years.  I've stayed with him for all that time for two reason:  first, he's honest -- there's never been any hint that he would recommend a procedure for his own financial benefit rather than to benefit the patient.  Second, he has the most incredible hands -- they seem by themselves conscious of the need to be gentle -- very different from those well-meaning people in health care who have to keep reminding themselves that what their hands are touching is not dead meat but a living human being.  There

really is an unconscious awareness in the hands of some people, and Aziz is in that group.  But I could give you a third reason also -- this man is not someone who just does 'satisfactory' work, he’s a craftsman who clearly thrives on the satisfaction of having done an excellent piece of work. "


Eileen Drescher

"Some time ago, I had made an appointment with Dr. Majid more or less on a second opinion basis because my former dentist had been extracting my teeth one by one almost every teeth cleaning appointment. He claimed it was normal for my age. I have never neglected my teeth and have always been fortunate enough to have great dental insurance,

Part way through that first appt. I gave up and asked that Dr. Majid just go ahead and extract my remaining teeth. He quickly reminded me that my teeth were a blessing and he was so right.

He diagnosed me with periodontal disease and set out a plan to remedy this. I’m no doctor but I am quite sure periodontal disease is very bad for one’s overall health.

He and his wonderful staff have taken such good care of me that I no longer dread my appointments, I even enjoy them, and that is said after extensive repairs of my teeth.

I thank them for my beautiful new smile and also for not having to keep my teeth in a glass on my night stand."


Mary Mills

" Dr. Majid has been my dentist a very very long time. I was young when I started coming to his practice. Now, I'm not. (Although he seems NOT to have aged much). He is a very conscientious , caring person who always puts the welfare of his patients first."


Ron Manning

"Being a new patient of Dr. Majid, I would recommend Dr. Majid for any and all dental work, he and all the staff are professional, caring individuals. Being like many individuals, dental vistits are not something I look forward to, but Dr. Majid with his patience and caring has helped relieve my anxiety. Thank you Dr. Majid."


Mary Sibrava

"I have been Dr. Majid's patient since he began his dental practice in central Pennsylvania.  I never doubted his recommendations or course of action regarding my teeth and dental care.  He is truly a consummate professional--always considerate, kind and caring -- but especially determined to ensure that his work is perfection.  After a lengthy and detailed procedure, he or his staff always follow up to ensure my well being.  I have complete faith and trust in his work.  I readily referred friends and coworkers over the years.  My family and I smile and appreciate Dr. Majid, his staff and their continued care.  Thank you for so much Dr. Majid!"


Jo Anne Taylor

 "I have been a patient with Dr. Majid for 40 years. His knowledge, his care, his creativity and concerns for his patients cannot be more sincere. He is the choice of people living in the Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

Thank you Dr. Majid for your continued care and my smile."


Stephanie O'Shura

 "It is with great honor that I can say that I and my sisters and brother are Doctor Majid's first dental clients. I have been a client of his for over 30+ years when he began his career with Dr. Victor Hajaar on Linglestown Road. Doctor Majid has always treated me with patience, kindness, compassion and honesty."


Betty & Company

"I appreciate all your works and great preps."


Rebecca Mann

 "You really know how to make someone smile!

        Thank you all for the fabulous care!"


Michelle Vetter

"I would like to thank you all for the sincere consideration while I was dealing with my tooth issue. I appreciate all that everyone has done for me and will continue to patronize such a caring professional establisment. Thank you again."


Kathleen Burns

"You have been the very best dentist I have been to and Melanie was wonderful."


I. Marriott

"My wife and I have known and been a patients of Dr.Majid since he started offering his services in 1975. DR. Majid has always done professional workmanship since we have known him , Plus he has always put patients concerns  first in his business. He always has a very professional staff to asist him. I would tell anyone in the Harrisburg area  to visit  Dr. Majid for great services .My two sons Duane and Brian have also been long time patients of Dr. Majid. Many of you in Central Pa, know Brian and Duane from the Sprint car and Microsprint racing world, They would also tell you to visit Dr.Majid,s office  for the great services he and his staff has to offer. Thank you"


Andrea  Brown

"After my first visit to Dr. Majid's office, I knew I had found my dentist. Not only is he an excellent dentist, he is very professional and comforting in dealing with his patents. I highly recommend Dr. Majid and his friendly and caring staff."


Nancy Turner

"I have bben going to Dr. Majid for over 30 years, I can not imagine going to someone else. he is very thorough, kind, and remembers your favorite vacation place."


Mike Cochran

"Dr. Majid has been my dentist since his practice opened. I have a very low tolerance for dental discomport, so the fact that I've chosen to remain his patient these many years says it all! Also, my compliments to Dr. Majid for consistently maintaining an excellent staff of office personnel, dental assistants and hygienists."


Glenda Bostorf

"Thank you and your staff for the expert, prompt and courteous dental care you have always given. Yours is the very best by far and very much appreciated."


Curtis Thompson

"Dr. Majid's skill as a dentist is beyond measure. He has established my complete confidence in him and as a result I view and believe his character to be trustworthy, honest, and reliable. I have complete confidence in Dr. Majid's dental advice. Therefore, I will continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Majid hopefully for many years to come. He will forever be my friend, my brother, and my dentist."



Art Florio

" Both my daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Majid for many years. We find his work to be excellent. We especially like that Dr. Majid takes his time to explain procedures in terms that we can undrestand. During procedures, if it is a simple examination or something complex, Dr. Majid and his staff always make sure that we are as comfortable as possible - during the procedure he always asks how we are doing. We have never experienced a problem with appointments or dental work; and, his staff has been both friendly and helpful. I have recommended Dr. Majid to both my family and friends."


Twyla Newton

"I was afraid of the dentist.  I was embarrassed by my smile and my lack of healthy dental hygiene.  I tried other dentists, some with fancy Children’s Hospital credentials.  I wanted a healthy, happy smile and endured pain, infection, extractions and failed root cannels.  I even drove over 500  miles to see a  dentist who’s treatment just wasn’t working.  My mouth was so sore and infected all the time by a partial that just didn’t fit right. Then I met Dr. Majid and his staff. They have gone beyond the norm to help me because that is what they do for their patients.

 Dr. Majid is so gentle.  He doesn’t want to be the cause of pain or to see anyone in pain. His exceptional skills fixed my problem and his ongoing care for my health has prevented new problems from causing any more infection or tooth loss. I trust him and he never lets me down.   

 His staff is very friendly and supportive.  We laugh and talk at exam or procedure time.  They don’t judge me. They know I had a fear of dentistry and still help me relax with confidence.  I know I will walk out of the office with a big beautiful smile.

 Dr. Majid and his team have helped many people with fear and self consciousness.  I am grateful that they are my team now. With their expertise my mouth has healed.  My smile is now a gift I share often.

 Thank you.

 PS  Now I floss twice a day, usually."

Jim Starry


"I have had dental work with your pratice several times.  There is never a long wait in the lobby, your staff is professional and friendly, and you Dr.
Majid are a miracle life saver!  You had my custom dentures finished in a matter of 7 to 10 days!   A perfect fit ! 
I feel confident now with my smile and meeting professionals.  Your work is amazing, your talent for preparing molds, and designing the best denture fit for me, as you do for every other client.  
I would highly recomend you and your professional practice to everyone.  You also make me feel comfortable, you hold conversations about my interests, and say funny things.  Plus, in my two different visits I can honestly say that I suffered no pain.  Also,Your Practice is conveniently located on Progress Avenue, near AAA. 
Thank you for everything!"

Steven McConnell

" I have been with Dr. Majid for more years than I can remember. He has always done excellent work with my teeth and has guided me with making proper decisions for proper dental care. I highly recommend Dr. Majid and his professional care to anyone who wants the best."



Ben Owens

" I was referred to Dr. Majid by my long time dentist and friend Dr. V. C. Patel. He told me that Dr. Majid was an expert in his field of dentistry. I have suffered from gum disease for many years and went through various stages of gum deterioration. Initially my teeth began to loosen which led to partials being used to stabilize the remaining teeth in my mouth. I unfortunately inheirited a gum disease gene from my mother that progressively degradated the gums of my lower mouth. I even went throgh surgery on my gums in an effort to same my remaining teeth. The pain associated with surgery was almost intolerable. However, I was willing to try everything possible to keep my reamining teeth. The surgery was my last futile attempt to avoid having to wear dentures. I looked at my situation and made the only feasible conclusion possible. I would have wear a complete upper and lower set of dentures.

During my initial vist with Dr. Majid he told me I needed a complete set of new dentures and he also was up front with me because my health insurance just like many of you reading this review does not cover dentures. Dr. Majid was very Professional in his approach and showed me that he is a Dentist that truly cares about his patients.. He developed a three phased plan for me and it was precisely excecuted. During the final phase he prepared me for what to expect upon receipt of my dentures. He told me to stop in without calling if I needed an adjustment which I have done on two occasions. Dr. Majid exceeded my expectations. His well trained staff also performed their duties in a highly professional manner. If there is anyone out there that needs assistance in resolving a dental problem or want efficient routine genral dental care, I highly recommend you contact Dr. Aziz A. Majid a true professional. "




Ruth Forer

" Dr. Majid has been my dentist for many years and I hope he never retires! He is a gentle dentist and truly cares about his patients. I have a small mouth and used to have crowded , cooked teeth. It was at Dr. Majid's suggestion that at the age of 27, I went to an orthodontist and had my teeth straightened. Because Dr. Majid cared enough about me to make the suggestion, I have enjoyed a better smile for the last 30 years. Through the years I have had fillings, crowns, and a bridge, and all of Dr. Majid's work has stood by me with no problems. Thank you , Dr Majid! "


Charlene E Smalls-Brown

" I was looking for a participating dentist. I went on-line looking, and I stumbled upon Dr. Majid's site. I was reading all the testimonials and seen a friend of mine. I always admired how nice her teeth are. So I scheduled an appointment w/Dr Majid. The very first time I met him, I felt at home. His bed side manners, his gentleness, and his sweet demeanor, was exactly what I needed. We started the process. My complete process was COMPLETE w/in a month. I'am so happy w/the results. And I can not stop smiling, and laughing... I recommend Dr. Majid to all my friends. Dr. Majid thank you for being the BEST, and doing your BEST on me... YOU ROCK!"

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