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Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement, we know that patients want a restoration that they can rely on for years to come, which is why we offer dental implants at our Harrisburg, PA, office. Led by Dr. Aziz Majid, read on to learn how our staff can rebuild your smile with this treatment option.

So, what is an implant?

An implant is a titanium post that functions just like a real tooth root. It is placed into the jawbone where it will naturally fuse with the bone and tissue, thus providing an incredibly stable foundation for an oral prosthetic such as a crown, bridge, or dentures.

An implant functions very differently from other tooth replacement options like dentures or bridges, as it doesn’t rely on other teeth to support it—it truly functions just like a real tooth!

Are implants the right option for you?

To find out, you’ll first need to undergo a dental examination from our Harrisburg, PA, implant dentist who will examine your teeth and gums, as well as perform an x-ray screening to check the health of your jawbone. If approved, your implants will offer the benefits of:

Enjoy eating all of your favorite foods again

Since implants function just like real teeth, you won’t have to worry about what you can and can’t eat. You’ll simply be able to eat just as you would if you had all of your real teeth. You won’t even need to do anything special before eating—just go ahead and sink your teeth into that juicy steak or colossal burger!

Implants could last the rest of your life 

If you properly care for your implant and your teeth, there's a very good chance that the restoration will last for decades to come, even to the point where it stays with you forever.

Implants are highly successful

Dental implants also come with a very high success rate. Once the implant fuses together with the jawbone, it carries with it an up to 98 percent success rate, which means that there is very little chance of it failing.

Interested? Give us a call!

Want to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for dental implants? If so, call our Harrisburg, PA, dental practice today at (717) 652-5288 to schedule a consultation.

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